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A. S. Barnes & Company (1909-1982)
A.S. Barnes & Co. was a family operation: eventually, his five sons, his brother and one nephew were connected to the firm, which became the leading publisher of textbooks in the United States, as well as issuing general interest books on a wide range of subjects.

A.S. Barnes published textbooks under the "Library for Teachers" imprint: one of their earlies best sellers was Clark's English Grammar. Barnes published Joel Dorman Steele's Fourteen Weeks science book series beginning in 1867 and his Barnes Brief History of the United States in 1871. The company also put out Watson's Readers, Davies' Arithematic, Monteith's Geography and the National Series of Standard Science Books. Barnes occasionally published fiction, such as Joseph Lincoln's first novel, Cap'n Ernie.

The company also published trade magazines (Education Bulletin, National Teacher's Weekly, International Review), manufactured furniture for schools, and sold classroom supplies.

After Alfred Barnes' death, and the takeover of the company by his son, Alfred C. Barnes, and the formation of the American Book Company conglomerate, Ripley Hitchcock became editor-in-chief, bringing with him Gilbert Parker, Stephen Crane and Stewart Edward White. The new regime published educational books edited by Margaret Sanger as well as her Woman's Home Library series; the 17-volume Trail Makers series and New Barnes Writing Books, which created a sensation.[1] The company incorporated in 1909, in order to provide fresh working capital, needed after acquiring another publishing firm. In 1917, a merger with Prang Co. was attempted, but abandoned after a few months. The company split up, with John Barnes Pratt acquiring the rights to the company name and much of the back catalog.

In the 1950s, A.S. Barnes & Company became the major publisher of sports reference books, with groundbreaking books such as The Baseball Encyclopedia by Hy Turkin and S.C. Thompson and Roger Treat's Football Encyclopedia. Both titles represented the first entry in the genre for their respective sports.

The company, which is not in any way connected to Barnes & Noble, continued to publish until 1982 [from Wikipedia]

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