ROBINSON CRUSOE - An English Graphical Bibliography 


B (Continued)

Beadle's Dime Classic Stories

  1. Defoe, Daniel . Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.  March 20, 1874. - Found in: Dime Classic Stories, no. 1; Boys' Books of Romance and Adventure, no. 1; Half-Dime Library, no. 16.Beadle's Dime Classic Stories is the title of the only number issued of what was intended apparently to be a series of illustrated reprints of popular stories for boys. It appeared December 20, 1864. The booklet contains 54 double-column pages of small type with single-column cuts. It sold for ten cents. Beadle & Co., 118 William Street, is the publishers' imprint. Later the booklet was reprinted from 98 William Street. Issued December 20, 1864. With No. 92 (No. 48, new series), April 13, 1872, the series ended

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