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Butler Brothers, Incorporated, New York & Chicago, 1877-c1929)
Butler Brothers was founded as a small "department" store by George and Edward Butler. A year later a third brother, Charles, joined the firm. They are known for their innovation of the five cents counter which they originated in 1878. It incorporated as Butler Brothers in 1887. The Brothers began in New York and eventually spread to Chicago, St. Louis. Dallas, and Minneapolis.
The Butler Brothers are another example of a retail store that sold a typical publisher's series on their own imprint but most likely did not actually do the printing.. [from The Tom Brown Series by Tom Hughes]
Butler Brothers originated in 1877 as a wholesaler selling general and variety-store merchandise by mail. By the early years of the twentieth century the company served about 100,000 customers through the United States and was the largest firm of its type in the country. Rising chain store competition induced the company to establish in 1927 a chain of francised variety stores under the Ben Franklin name." It sold this chain in 1959. The company headquarters at 230 West Adams in 1900 are pictured below in a cut from George W. Engelhardt, Chicago: The Book of Its Board of Trade and Other Public Bodies (Chicago: The Henry O. Shepard Co., c1900), p190. When Chicago streets were renumbered in 1909, 230 West Adams became approximately 909 West Adams, at or near the corner of Halstead [from The Lucille Project]

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