ROBINSON CRUSOE -  An English Graphical Bibliography 



Chatterton-Peck Co. (1906)
New York. The Chatterton-Peck Company purchased the Mershon Publishing Company in 1906. Many of the new Chatterton-Peck juvenile books were initially published by Mershon prior to 1905 and later by its successor The Stitt Publishing Company in 1905. Prior to the 1906 takeover, Mershon succeeded Stitt just like Stitt had succeeded Mershon.

When W. M. Stitt retired from the publishing business at the end of 1905, Mershon took over. [from The Tom Brown Series by Tom Hughes]

  1. [].Robinson Crusoe, New York, Chatterton-Peck Co., nd  [inscribed 1910]


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