ROBINSON CRUSOE -  An English Graphical Bibliography 


C (continued)

Henry T. Coates & Co. (1895-1904)
Founded by Robert Porter and Charles Davis in 1848 as DAVIS & PORTER CO. Specialized in trade and art books; in 1866, Henry Coates joined the firm, which was renamed DAVIS, PORTER & COATES; in 1867 Davis retired and the name became PORTER & COATES; in 1869 G. Morrison Coates, brother of Henry, joined the firm; in 1895, Porter retired, firm became HENRY T. COATES & CO. Published magazine, Home and Garden. In 1904, Coates retired and sold the company to John C. Winston Co." This information, with permission, from The Hyde Park Book Store, Boise, Idaho. See also Porter & Coates. By 1891 at 900 Chestnut; in 1898 moved to 1222 Chestnut Street; sold to John C. Winston Co. in November 1903 [from The Lucille Project]

  1. []. TheLife and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.  Philadelphia, Henry T. Coates & Co, nd.

    1897-1899 PTLA: New Editions, 1897. The Laurel Library. 134 volumes. Price 75 Cents per Volume. No little time and care has been given to the selection of this library, with a view to gathering a representative collection of best books by the world's greatest authors. / It is largely made up of the Classics of Fiction, with a sprinkling of Travel, Biography and Poetry. The publishers' purpose has been to make a series of books, not only excellent from a literary point of view, but so well constructed mechanically, that even the fastidious book-lover will not object to possessing them. They are to be shapely and generous 12mos, uniform in size, of clear, readable type, and carefully printed on handsome laid paper, especially made for the series, with "Laurel Library" water-mark. In binding, every detail has been looked after. The sheets are carefully folded, and the sewing is done is such a substantial manner that the books will readily open without breaking in the back. A simple but effective cover design, with distinct title lettering, has been chosen, and the series will be uniformly bound in fine English cloth, dark olive in color, with slightly trimmed edges and gilt tops. (1898: series increased to 135; cut as shown below).[from The Lucille Project]
  2. []. TheLife and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.  Philadelphia, Henry T. Coates & Co, nd. [inscribed 1897]

    1904 PTLA: The "New Acorn" Library, 123 volumes, Popular and Standard Books at Low Prices, New Binding. Each book carefully printed on excellent paper, substantially bound in cloth with elaborate and effective cover design, Uniform 12ms. List price per volume, $.50. (Cut as shown below).[from The Lucille Project]

  3. []. TheLife and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.  Philadelphia, Henry T. Coates & Co, nd. 

    1896-1899 PTLA: Alta Edition (Trade-Mark Registered) of Best Popular Twelvemos. Comprising 201 volumes of the most Popular and Best Selling Books. Each book is bound in the handsomest manner, ornamental side and Silk-Ribbon Marker. Retail at 50 Cents. series increased to 201 titles in 1897; reduced to 166 titles in 1898 and cut as shown below; 1899 notes that 92 of the 175 "are not to be found in any other publisher's line of 12mos.").[from The Lucille Project]

  4. []. Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Including a Memoir of the Author and an Essay on His Writing. Philadelphia, Henry T. Coates & Co, nd.

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