ROBINSON CRUSOE -  An English Graphical Bibliography 

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 Longueville, Peter. THE ENGLISH HERMIT; Or the Adventures of Peter Quarll. Who was discovered by Mr. Dorrington, a Bristol Merchant, upon an uninhibited Island, where he has lived above fifty Years, without any human Assistance, still continues to reside, and will not come away

  1. original edition, 1727, it is signed P.L. [i.e. Peter Longueville]
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Other Castaway Narratives

  1. one of 51  issues under the title of "Tales of the Wars" from 1838

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  3. title pageThe Pleasant and Surprising Adventures of Robert Drury during his fifteen years captivity on the island of Madagascar. Whittaker, Treacher & Arnot,. London 1831. ]Volume 5 in the Collection of Most Instructive and Amusing Lives]
  4. cover title pagemapThe Young Marooners of the Florida Coast. F. E. Goulding, Philadelphia, William Martien, 1853