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The Henneberry Company (1901-1919?)
The Henneberry Company first appears in the Lakeside Chicago city directories in 1901, located at 409-429 South Dearborn. In 1902, the firm's address is given as 552-556 Wabash Avenue, in 1903-1904 as 554 Wabash, 1905-1906 as 5th floor, 554 Wabash, and 1907 as 552 Wabash Avenue. There are no entries under "publishers" 1908-1913; in 1914-1917 the firm appears under the "bookbinders" heading as "printers and edition binders" at 1139 South Wabash.

John Cuneo was only twenty-one in 1907 when he bought the bankrupt bookbinding business of Jenkins & George, changed its name to John F. Cuneo Co. and made it so successful that at the end of the First World War, in 1919, he took over the Henneberry Co., a large printing and bookmaking concern, calling it the Cuneo-Henneberry Co. Four years later, he acquired the Sears printing plant and formed a separate company, the Cuneo Printing Corporation, and it was these organizations which became the basis of a printing empire encompassing Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Milwaukee."
In 1923 George F. Henneberry is listed as President of Cuneo-Henneberry Company. The Henneberry Company and M.A. Donohue & Co. shared the same address in 1901, with The Henneberry Company then moving to new quarters. [from The Lucille Project]

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