ROBINSON CRUSOE -  An English Graphical Bibliography 




Keith Jennison / Franklin Watts, Inc. Publishers
Franklin Watts Inc. was formed in 1942. The company was sold to Grolier in 1957. When the namesake founder retired in 1967, he moved to London to start Franklin Watts Ltd. in 1969. Franklin Watts retired again in 1976. Grolier was acquired by the French company Hachette in 1988. When Grolier acquired Children's Press in 1996, much of Franklin Watts were published under the Children's Press imprint. Grolier was sold to Scholastic in 2000, along with the US rights to Children's Press, Franklin Watts and Orchard Books. The UK branch exists today as an imprint of Hachette Children's Books.

  1. []. The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Keith Jennison, 1946

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