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Odhams Press.
Odhams Press was a British publishing firm. Originally a newspaper group, founded in 1890, it took the name Odham's Press Ltd in 1920 when it merged with John Bull magazine. By 1937 it had founded the first colour weekly, Woman, for which it set up and operated a dedicated high-speed print works. According to Susan M Penn's history of Long Street at Sherborne in Dorset, as verified by Harrop's historical house survey and by local census information, the house known from 1920 as Ramadia House, but with no name until that date, was occupied in 1834 by one John Odhams. He had married his wife, Fanny, on 16th May 1813, and they had three sons and a daughter. The eldest son, William, grew up to be a compositor, possibly serving his apprenticeship with Langdon and Harker at the Sherborne Mercury Printing Office in Long Street, according to his great grand-daughter; but there is no evidence to support this. However, at the rear of Ramadia House, known as Mistletoe Cottage since 1968, is a substantial brick built shed. The flat flooring of this shed is also very solid, completed with thick oak planking, well able to support and withstand heavy items of machinery such as a printing press. Earthworks next to the shed in or around 2002 revealed evidence of many coloured printing inks still visible in the soil. In 1834 William Odhams left for London, where initially he worked for the Morning Post. In 1847 he went into partnership with William Biggar in Beaufort Buildings, Savoy, London; and in the 1870s he started the business known as 'William Odhams. This he sold to his two sons, John Lynch Odhams and William James Baird Odhams, in 1892. Odhams Limited, created in 1898, in turn became Odhams Press in 1920. In 1954, Odhams Press Hall was built, designed by Yates, Cook and Derbyshire, and this was later listed on account of the innovative clock tower which houses a water tank for use in printing. [from Wikipedia]

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