ROBINSON CRUSOE -  An English Graphical Bibliography 


P (continued)

C. Arthur Pearson, Ltd.
C. Arthur Pearson Ltd. was founded by Sir Cyril Arthur Pearson (1866-1921), an English newspaper proprietor and philanthropist. After having made large profits with Pearson's Weekly and other periodicals, Pearson founded in 1900 the Daily Express and by 1904 had purchased the Standard. In 1910 increasing failure of sight obliged him to retire from the active direction of newspapers.[1] The company published a series of inexpensive (only one or two shillings a piece) magic books starting in 1903, which became known as Yellow Perils and drew the ire of many magicians at the time [from Magicpedia]

  1. []. The Life and Adventures of Robins Crusoe. London, C. Arthur Pearson, Ltd. 1904  [45]

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